Down to the last days

Finn starts school in one week. For the first time ever! I'm excited. Not sad, or nostalgic. Just excited. And totally ready to have a change of pace around here. It's going to be so good for Finn, and so good for me. We both need this new chapter.

Going through my photos, I came across a few that were neglected as the summer passed. So I thought I would share just some more posts of summer pics before the season's officially over!

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Senja said...

beautiful photos!

lyndsay - you ARE my kind of girl :) i love, love peas in the summer. i can go to the market every day and buy fresh peas and peel them. the bag almost never gets home.

Ali said...

Yeah, school! Both boys start here in about 2 weeks. I can't wait! Luke will be going 5 mornings a week and Gavin for 2. It's going to be weird not having any children glued to me for 5 hours a week. What on earth will I do myself!

Lisa said...

Such a lovely blog. Beautiful pictures.