Glacier National Park Recap: A note on where we stayed

We've had quite a few questions about where we stayed while in Glacier National Park. So I thought I'd post a little more about it. We wanted a kid-free experience for a few days. So after saving our pennies, we opted for a private, cushy experience. The Great Bear Inn was 10 minutes from the park entrance (maybe less). And it was situated on a backroad, secluded from other resorts. Driving up, it seems as though you are going to stay at someone's really nice cabin retreat. It's not really an inn, like the name implies. It's more like a very nice Bed & Breakfast, with more privacy and amenities.

Walking in, we were immediately met by the 10 or so other guests (of the 18 guest maximum), during a gourmet happy hour. We were taken to our room (holy smokes, it was so nice), down on the bottom floor. There were pool tables, free laundry facilities, only one other suite downstairs, fireplace in the room, Tempur-pedic bed, huge bathroom in each suite, flat screen TV with a zillion channels, private patio, and that's only downstairs. I was pretty pampered, and loved every minute. The place was so homey that no one had a key! You just closed your bedroom door when you left for the day. It's new within the last few years, and had just undergone it's final renovations. Everything, even down to the soap in the bathroom was thoughtful.

The owner, Susan, was a doll. Breakfast was minimal (croissants and muffins), because local diners are best for breakfast. Lunch is on your own. But dinner is a 5 star, 3 course gourmet meal prepared every night by two chefs (one is the owner's son). We had the best BBQ ever (and I am a Texan, y'all), duck, prime rib, Italian, and desserts I could not believe. It started with a "happy hour" wine tasting and hors d'oeuvres (or Pepsi tasting, if you don't drink...ahem). We mingled with guests (we made great little friendships in the few days we were there). Then we all ate in the dining room with panoramic views—all together at a long table. We were served whatever was prepared for the night (so no menu, but it was all amazing, and they make exceptions for people who don't like certain foods or are vegetarian). The happy hour area and kitchen were in one long room. So we chatted with the chefs, and marveled at the amazing kitchen (the stoves made me swoon). They also have two brand-new separate cabins for families/groups. And they even have their own culinary garden! I am telling you. It's the greatest way to do this vacation (if you are going sans little kids and don't want to camp...ahem). It was so friendly and inviting. Everyone was excited to get together in the evening and share our adventures from the day. Thank you, Great Bear Inn, for making Montana that much better—five stars! :)

The Great Bear Inn: Who wouldn't want to eat in this room every day?

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Christy said...

Wow that sounds and looks amazing! Was that the room you stayed in? What views!!!

Senja said...

So beautiful and it looks so calm :)

Janette said...

That looks so wonderful. nothing beats the outdoors and fresh air.
I have a question about L.A. Off the subject. We are thinking of relocating to carlsbad, Ca. I'm just wondering what the pros and cons are to living in CA.?

Janette said...