And without further ado...Glacier National Park Recap:

This is so extremely overdue that it's almost shameful. But in my defense, I was waiting on some of the best photos from my photographically blessed hubby. And now that I have them, there is a shocking amount of me in them. So please pardon the vanity over the next few posts. When Finn and Maya are not along, I suppose I am the next target in succession for Wes's lens.

At the end of June, we all packed up and headed north to Ontario, Oregon, by way of getting lost a few times. But of course it all worked out in the end. We unloaded our over-taxed station wagon, including two kids under 5, and Wes and I hit the road again a few days later. Just the two of us. We drove the 9 hours north by way of almost getting lost again, and finally made it to our amazing accommodations, The Great Bear Inn, just in time for dinner. We hit the hay, ready for an early call time the next day—the first day of our hiking adventure in Glacier National Park, Montana. A park, I am happy to report, that was free of getting lost, injuries, and/or grizzly encounters. A park that boasted stunning vistas, towering mountains, and a landscape that truly did not disappoint!

We start with us on the road. Tune in over the next week to see the entire trip unfold! It was an amazing adventure.

This sufficiently freaked me out, until I realized that winding meant simply following a gently winding river.
As long as it's not the California 1, I am A-OK!
"This spot looks good. Let's lay claim!" 

Hello, Montana!

Lots of logging!

I'll be back soon with Day 1 of hiking!

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Unknown said...

I love Glacier! In college, my best friend and I would go on a camping trip every summer. Usually we just went as far as the Black Hills/Badlands but one year we ventured to Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone. Glacier was by far my favorite.

Also - hindsight is 20/20. When I saw you were going on a trip I was going to say "Hey...if you're near Caldwell, let us know." (We are only about 25 miles from Ontario, OR.) Oh well. Next time, let's do lunch!

{ a m b e r } said...

I love Glacier Park! One of the most beautiful, magical places I've ever been. Made that drive to Canada bearable every time. I'm excited for the rest of your posts!