Finn photographs

This is Finn:

Finn is 4. This evening he got ahold of my camera and took some photos. For example:

Not too shabby, actually. But after a quick crash course in framing, light, focus, and "waiting for a good moment," he did a little better:
Note to self: The "Fauxhawk" makes me look a lot like my brother...
 Keep up the good work, buddy—I think Dada should give you some real lessons!

(**I did color-correct all of the photos—something I always do—which included adding a vignette, and brightening each photo/adjusting the saturation. But that was due to my camera settings. So I was proud that Finn could actually capture some really decent shots, in manual mode, no less!)

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embot said...

Loooove the hair. I guess the old southwest salon did you good!