The American Film Institute knows how to do it

If you are going to attend any graduation, I recommend attending the ceremonies at The American Film Institute. Being an AFI Fellow comes with perks like shuttled parking, breezy/tented/scenic overlooks, small graduating classes, and prominent members of the film community as speakers, ready to inspire or get a laugh (whichever is needed). All in all, it was really wonderful. 
Son and Mother 

Mother and Daughter

We both graduated today from 2 long years!

Congratulations to Wes! You've come a long way since THIS (only a few days after Maya's birth).

Also, for those of you wondering, Wes's Thesis film, Firelight, is in the last stages of post production. It will be finished in a month, at which point it will be available in some capacity to share with all of you. Thank you for all of your support and patience!

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Senja said...

So awesome, I got goose bumps! :)

You look stunning, Lyndsay - love the dress a lot!

And that necklace is also pretty cute ;)

What are Wes' next plans? Job hunt?

XO Senja

Christy said...

Hurrah! Congratulations! I can't wait to see what's next for your family!

PS - your whole family looks like movie stars!

O'Loughlin Family said...

I cant believe it has been two years! (but I bet you can)

What an amazing accomplishment for you both. Congratulations! Are you guys staying in LA for awhile?

Kelli Nørgaard said...

TILLYKKE to you and to Wes!!
What an awesome accomplishment and what a patient and awesome wife he has!! :-)

burtons*north said...

wahoo! congrats!

Catherine P. said...

Congrats!!! Can't wait to see the film :)

Get Campie! said...

Lyndsay...I'm so happy for the both of you...that must have been the coolest thing ever to watch your husband graduate and have those guest speakers...fun stuff!!
I'll be watching for the film :)

Jessica said...

BIG congrats to both of you. I really want to catch up and find out what the next phase in your life will be!

Love you guys, can't wait for the film!

Delightful Domestic Science said...

Congratulations team! That's so wonderful!

Barefootlotuss said...

This is so awesome. . what a great accomplishment. . .you guys have the glam on. . .Jinx looks like a movie start MOM. . .and I'm so glad Cristen and Steve were there, to. . .I wish I could have been there. . .Congratulations on the road to grand achievements.