Loving Ladybug

Every Tuesday Maya and Finn groove, wiggle, shake, play, sing, and dance their little hearts out at Ladybug Music. Ladybug is hands-down the BEST music program around. All of the songs are either original or original remakes (if that makes sense) of many well-known classics. They are the hippest tunes out there—tunes even Mom can love! I caught Wes singing one of the songs while doing the dishes the other night. Every time we get into the car Wes starts looking for the ladybug CDs because the kids love them, and he doesn't want to throw them out the window (like so many other hard-to-stomach kid CDs out there). Every week the kids get to sing and dance along to live guitar music. They know all the songs, and act them out. They get get to play with instruments, play silks, and shakers. And the teachers are wonderful and really believe in what they are doing (in fact, my friend Beth is one of these talented ladies). It's a blast. If you live in the L.A. area, you have to check it out! You can find class information HERE.

And if you happen to live a little farther away, no worries! You can still get all of their great music, HERE. In their shop, you'll find links to CD Baby and iTunes (they are also available on Amazon). It's so easy to grab some fun tunes for summer! 

Have a listen to Two Little Blackbirds:

A little more about Ladybug:
"Ladybug Music offers a research based, mixed age (infant to 5 years) class that embraces and celebrates the rich, eclectic and diverse musical styles of our time and culture. Families are welcomed into a non-performance learning environment where everyone is able to experience their style of learning at their own pace with no expectations – just play!

In a fun and informal setting, we sing, play percussive instruments, dance, get silly, sing lullabies and so much more. Together using Ladybug’s original music collections we explore all spectrums of music including but not limited to sounds, words, pitch, tempo, melody, tone, meter, rhythm, dynamics, beat, movement and dance. Our mixed aged format allows older children to take on leadership roles, while younger ones can learn by example."

So shake things up with Ladybug! Your kids will thank you. :)

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Beth said...

YAY Ladybug. I love having your kids in class. They are adorable and make it so much fun! And you know it's a good program when you can teach it all week, and still want to take your own kids to class on Fridays. Good stuff I tell ya.