Love My Family

I got this sweet idea from a friend's blog. I showed this picture to Finn, and asked a few questions. Then typed the answer verbatim (with a little goading...haha).

What do you feel when you see this picture?
I feel like happy. 

What do you like about this picture?
It's so great. Because I love it because Finn, Me, Dada, Him, Maya, Her, Mama. That's why I like it. And because the mountains and the light. (Wes would be so proud.)

What do you love about your family?
Because the family takes care of us. 

What do you like to do with your family?
Play and chase them. Hug them. Kiss them. And be happy for them. And high five and say, "Oh yeah!" 

Where do you like to go with your family?
To church. Go to Grandma's house and see the horses. To Granny Wink's house. And go to Granny and Grandad's house to play with a lizard.

What do you love about:
Dada: He smiles at me. He picks me up and hugs me when I'm sad.
Mama: Hugs me, and Maya, and Dada. 
Maya: She loves me back. I love to kiss her on the cheek. (Anything else?) Nope! 
Finn: I play. And I am a child of God. (melt my heart)

"Mama, this is too much talking!" :)

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Kelli Nørgaard said...

What a great idea!
These are things that you definitely want to document and have to read again later!!!

Jessie said...

very very cute :)

stephanie said...

Oh my. That was sweet!

Shorty said...

What a sweet thing to share! I love the picture and the interview...so beautiful.

Amber said...

That is so incredibly sweet!

Greta said...

LOVE. I'm going to have to copy that with the kids!

monique said...

this made me cry. so sweet. thank you so much for sharing.

Crystal Farish said...

I just LOVE this idea. The answers are so darling. This will be such a priceless keepsake.

Lybi said...

Thank goodness you recorded this! Precious stuff.