Have you been to California?

Mindy Gledhill - California MP3 Download

Mindy Gledhill is playing TONIGHT in downtown L.A. So if you live in the area, and need a sweet date (or a hot date, or any date at all, or a girl night, or some alone time for that matter), go to this concert!!!! I want to go so badly. But I am truly bummed because I am on my second cold of the month (yes, I take vitamin C, it's just resistant). And Finn has this really offensive cough, and I just can't leave the boy with a sitter at night with the level of "Mama, I need you" going on around here. So I have to sit this one out (pout, sigh, complain). But if you are able, I know this will be a really special concert.

For more info, read Mindy's post about the concert HERE.
And to go straight to the ticket-purchasing stage, visit HERE.

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Jenny Lee said...

I just bought her new album this weekend and it's been on repeat ever since. I dare you to be in a bad mood while listening to her music! Impossible!

Hello*Lucky*Holly said...

Love the Mind. She's exceptionally talented.

Homeopathics friend, take them and live to fight another day!


Johanna said...

OH MAN...I wish I could go. Too bad I live in the wrong country, I LOVE her music so much, it's gorgeous

I have a cold too....ugh horrible.

crystal b. said...

Bummer I didn't know about this sooner! I would have made the trek! Love Mindy. She's fun to see in person. :)

Hope you feel better!