A Day in the Life

I've been asked a few times by various people what I do all day. So here it is—my super glam life:

8am: Wake up to the worst dirty diaper from Maya in a long time. Change and immediate quick bath, then shower with mama. I get dressed, do quick make-up, let my hair air-dry (oof).

9am: Start Laundry, Breakfast.

10 am: Fold Laundry, start new load.

10:12 am: Talk with Emily via phone about poster design. Kids throw "phone time tantrums."

10:30 am: Go through emails, pay online bills.

10:45 am: Feed snackish children.

11:00 am: Research emergency preparedness plans/books/supplies (order some long-burning candles), make mental note to have Wes show me where everything is, and consolidate in one spot/learn how to use all of it, in case he's away when an earthquake happens.

11:30 am: Start design work for the day (quite the workload). Commence freak-out over how long it takes for my internet to work, my computer software issues, and camera file problems.

12:30 pm: Stop for lunch. Cook mac-n-cheese, which both kids refuse to do anything but nibble on. Super huge salad for me. I eat it straight out of the mixing bowl. Work on blog critique for the Blog Guidebook as I eat. Really lovely blog: http://www.houseofhawthornes.com/

1:30 pm: Try to open photo files to no avail, research Adobe software, install trial programs, install camera software. Nothing works. Blog about pulling my hair out. Answer more emails. Text Wes with my technology woes.

2:00 pm: "Watch" Dino Dan with Finn while I work on changes for Funky Vintage Lovely. Maya plays with puzzles happily, and dresses me up like a pirate.

2:30 pm: Put Maya down for a nap way late.

3:00 pm: Remember to fold laundry and start a new load.

3:30 pm: Feed a snackish Finn, then fight with him over how he's sick and needs to nap. He ends up refusing to nap at all.

4:00 pm: Maya wakes up. More snacks. We head outside to play and retake photos since I can't get the others off my camera, and I have to have them by tonight.

5:00 pm: Maya has weird near-fainting episode outside. We head inside for snuggles, close monitoring, and dinner. Kids have chicken nuggets, corn, and mashed potatoes, which both kids refuse to do anything but nibble on. I read more emails, but don't reply to any because my email has quit sending (which is why I haven't responded yet to many of you—sorry!).

6:00 pm: Kids play while I start working on what I'm hoping is the last new custom blog design project I'll take on in a while. Oh wait, I have like 2 more... Emily stops by to drop off Maya's backpack, kids escape outside to slide in the front yard again. We chat for  few minutes. All of our kids have meltdowns. Head inside again.

6:30 pm: Continue to work on my design work, while the TV craps out. Maya and Finn commence climbing on me. Give up, and go fold more laundry and start yet another new load (it's teetering dangerously on the dryer by now).

7:30 pm: Finn and I read Peter Pan until Maya steals the book. Meltdowns. Send kids to play in their room and discover/destroy my new organizational efforts. I continue to work more than I want to. I never put the folded laundry away, or clean up after any of my meals the entire day. This always happens on a "work" day.

9:00 pm: "Dada!" (home after a long day on set)

10:00 pm: Kids still awake. Wes feeds a starving Maya cereal with fruit, then cleans the kitchen and takes out trash! I realize I still have a product review and critiques to do. Download new photos onto computer. Realize I really need to head to bed before midnight because the cable guy is coming at 8 am. I make mental note to take Maya to bed with me once I do go to bed, so that I can keep an eye on her throughout the night.

The end. 

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cotton outlast blanket said...

Oh! such a busy day do you take some rest in day time? Really you just keep busy to yourself all the day you are doing good job I really want to appreciate you.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Senja said...

lyndsay dear,

i just wanted to send you a big virtual hug - just for being awesome :)

i think a big bag of "real daim" is in need! :)

hang in there, especially with the technical problems! hope they solve soon.

XO senja

April Kennedy said...

Love the play by play. Makes me tired though. It's amazing how long one thing really takes like getting breakfast and shower in the morning until you write it down. So happy you are squeezing in just a tad of design work too. ♥

Courtney B said...

So I was googling mormon buttons (because I have no clue how to make one myself) and found your blog through it. So glad I did!
Where do you live? (No, I'm NOT a creeper!) I'm in Utah and we are having all sorts of earthquake preparedness going on. Our condo's even had a drill saturday morning..haha. Not funny. Actually I'm terrified!

Unknown said...

I live in Burbank, CA (basically Los Angeles). So the earthquake threat is very real!! We try not to concentrate on it too much, but are working on being as prepared as possible.