Sprig & Sprocket

I realize I've been out of commission lately. My house is a disaster zone as we're making some changes (photos to come). And I've been so busy that I can barely see straight. I even forgot all about the changes I made to my design shop. So I thought now might be a good time to share. I've moved to Zazzle, since they can handle the printing & shipping (which saves me some steps). So check out the new site, HERE, with a few new designs, and more to come! (Not looking for something spiritual or "feel-goody?" The alphabet and numbers posters are available, as well.)

Of course there will still be the same prints I've had in my Etsy shop, I just need to post them. And the new name? Think of it as Maya and Finn, respectively.

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Jessie said...

love the posters! i definitely need to order the tea one!

April Kennedy said...

love the name, the logo and the posters. yay!!

Catherine P. said...

Love it!! you're so talented :)

christina said...

Love the new name, too!