Supermom Series 3: Making Resolutions with Sarah Bradford

Meet Sarah Bradford of Different Dogwood Cottage, and my Co-Editor over at The Blog Guidebook. Sarah was the first friend I had upon arriving in Burbank. We were instantly scheming ways in which we could turn our ideas into a business. And so we did just that. Since then, she's moved out of state, but we continue to keep in touch. Sarah is a wonderful mother, and has some wonderful resolutions for 2011! Click on "Read More" below her beautiful family photo to see what's on her list.


I've never been one to make many resolutions, but I will go ahead and try this year. Since we moved to the midwest last year I feel like I'm home alone with my girls quite a bit during the day, and I'm planning on homeschooling this fall. So my resolutions are going to include the following:

1. Make a schedule for myself and the girls (I've NEVER done this), to include school work, outings, activities, play dates, exercise, and fun!

2. Schedule fitness time and mommy-alone time (I also hardly ever do this) for myself.
a. We're buying a treadmill this week and possibly joining the YMCA.
b. Share some babysitting time with my new girlfriends so we can all get out without the kids at some point.

3. Find books and or a class on anger/stress management (so I don't get so mad about silly little things and stop yelling—I hate that I do it—and forgive myself for doing it.)

4. Schedule outings with the girls together and one on one (they love going on Target dates—shopping at Target and getting hot chocolate).

5. Hopefully all the above will make me feel good enough and able enough to homeschool with love and patience, and love myself more!

Looking at my Resolutions I see that I need to learn to love myself again, start taking better care of my almost 42 year old body, and not ignore the need to be an individual. I can still dedicate myself to my girls and be aware of who I need to be.


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brookeisacrazylady said...

Lyndsay that is so funny about the traffic....i'll have to go check mine and see what it says. must be i'm sending you people from alabama or mormons!

Emily Ruth said...

Okay, she is just adorable. That last pic of Sarah and her hubby should be in a magazine. Or your blog--- pretty much same thing. I love your new supermom post format too. Sweet, concise reads. They are putting it into perspective for me.
Love ya!

Crystal Farish said...

Super cute family. Love the resolutions. :) And . . . I love the super mom series. So inspiring.