Supermom Series 3: Making Resolutions with Beth Tait

I am really happy to have Beth of My So-Called Blog, answering my Supermom questions:
What is one thing you plan to do in 2011 to:
• Be a better mom
• Be a better wife
• Be a better self 
Beth is wonderfully real and down to earth. She's open and kind, and very musically gifted. One thing I really admire about Beth is she seems to always be trying. Trying to be better, to move forward, to be creative, to succeed. It's refreshing to say the least! Oh, and those kids of hers? Next to Maya, Audrey might be the cutest thing I've seen in a pair of purple converse.

Being called a Supermom is a great way to kick off 2011! And I'm especially thrilled to guest post for a mom (and friend) who I consider SUPER. Man it was hard to just pick one thing I'm working on in each of these categories. I certainly have quite a few. But here's a taste:

TO BE A BETTER MOM: Listen. I have two kids. Tyler is almost 5. Audrey is 2 1/2. The older they get, the more I realize how important it is to listen to them. They have so much to say. Their personalities are bursting! It's not just wiping spit up off chins, or changing dirty diapers anymore. My little people are here. Life moves fast and we (like all families) are busy. But now that I'm more accustomed to the ebb and flow of motherhood, I want to be in tune with really listening to these two. Who are they? How do they want to spend their time? What do they love? What can I learn from them? Who they are (outside of me and their dad) is important. And I want them to know that I want to get to know them. How else can I do that but listen?

TO BE A BETTER WIFE: Romance. I'm not gonna lie, married seven years and two kids later, I have gotten a bit lazy in the romance department. 2011 is all about Adam and romance. Sure we're best friends. Fantastic co-parents. Financial partners. Co-heads of household. But romance? Once upon a time we were great at that, too. If there's one thing I've learned looking back over seven years of marriage (and throwing two young kids into the mix), romance is important and it's easy to let it slide. It slowly creeps to the back burner. So slowly you don't even realize it's happening. I let it slide. This year I won't. Do small things. Surprise things. Creative things. Kiss more often. Fan that flame in 2011.

TO BE A BETTER SELF: Believe I can. I have some pretty high expectations for myself this year, and (like most of us) there is a lot on my plate - as a wife, a mother, a music teacher, and maybe moving into a bigger place this year. Sometimes I hear myself saying, "Can I really do all this?" 2011, I am going to believe I can. I will face fear. I will take leaps of faith. I choose optimism! I will not listen to voices of doubt as they creep in. Or compare myself to others. I will be as in tune with myself as possible so I know when to push and pull, to create the balance I crave. I will simplify whenever necessary, but will not compromise the things that make me most happy. It might be hard, and a few expectations might change along the way. But until then, I will believe I can.

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brookeisacrazylady said...

Wahoo Beth! Loved yours, they were great

embot said...

So good. So Beth! Yay supermom!