Fresh Face

I've been freshening-up the blog for 2011. I also have unpacking, organizing, and cleaning going on at our house. So regular posts will resume shortly. :) Thanks for your patience! I have oodles of crazy Christmas pics coming soon.

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Alissa Nicolau said...

Love your new font for "the Johnson's"!

I am also long, long overdue in saying thank you to you for your help with photo questions for my blog. I think I sorta simply disappeared, sorry.

Thank you for answering my email and for helping me!

Happy New Year to you and your family,


Senja said...

So nice! It looks really great - clean! :)

Happy cleaning!

XO Senja

April Kennedy said...

Oh...I'm working on freshening up my blog too! It's always so fun. Yours is looking really pretty. I love your 'home about contact and shop' buttons!

Marilyn said...

Fresh, new looks feel so good, don't they?

I like your changes. I love the font you used for "the johnsons"!!

P.s. Thanks for the Christmas card, your family is gorgeous!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

Loving the new look!! And it looks like you cut your hair...it's darling!!!!!

Tiffany M. said...

Love the cheerful colors!