My Autographed Copy

The other day I loaded up the kids, and drove north on the 5 a ways to a little book shop, listening to the Happy Cleaning Song from Enchanted on repeat (thanks to Finn's adamant requests). My friend, Catherine, was having a book signing! And I wanted to pick up a few copies of her darling new book, Libby Boom. You might recognize the illustrator. Her name is Tuesday Mourning, and I adore her style. Here we are (Catherine and Yours Truly). You can't see Finn or Maya, because Maya was too busy trying to trash the inventory, while Finn cased the joint for any type of action figures (of which he amazingly found many):

Here's Libby Boom:
And here's Catherine's adorable site (which I may or may not have had a hand in...)

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Hillary Glaser said...

What a fantastic looking book! Granted, I'm Jewish, so I may miss the point of the book but I LOVE the illustrations!

Catherine P. said...

Lyndsay thank you so much for coming!!

My blog is entirely your creative doing. You are super uber talented.

Thank you a million times. It's so fun to see Libby here on your blog.

Unknown said...

I appreciate your comment! It made me think. Most of the book is about Libby wanting to know if God really knows her. And she travels around the world to find that God does know each of his children individually, and indeed knows and loves Libby. Of course at the end of the book, she chooses to be baptized, so it has a Christian theme. But it also has a very sweet universal message.

Tiffany M. said...

Was that my music mix you were listening to? :)
Her illustrations are fantastic- I must order this for our library.