Sunny Day Collage (and a how-to at the bottom of this post)

Finn has croup. But he's also on a steroid to get him over the hump. Which makes for a VERY crazy energetic, albeit sick, boy. We HAD to get out of the house. Front yard on a sunny November day? Yes please! Oh, and it's 90 degrees here today (I don't want to talk about it)...

Finn's favorite thing? Funny faces. Maya's favorite thing? DIRT! See?

So recently I've been asked to not spend as much time on the computer. Doctor's orders. I've had some headache and eye issues, and I need to limit the time spend staring at a bright screen (this includes the TV...gasp!). I can still blog, but maybe not extensive photo-editing blogging... So instead of crafting this collage precisely in Photoshop, like I prefer, I opted for the free, quick, Picnik option. Pretty cool and super simple! Picnik's features cost nothing. I created these collages for free. Here is a link to the tutorial.

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Unknown said...

Hi Lyndsay! I sit at a computer all day and am really feeling the negative affects on my body too!

I have always done my collages in photobucket and even upgraded, hoping for more options, but it didn't give me more. I hate to spend more money for Picnik but I guess it would be worth it since I want more options ... yes????

These pics are darling and so are the ones from Halloween! I just did a post on how stressful Halloween is when it involves making costumes! Glad mine are all grown now!!! But yours looked adorable.

Unknown said...

I created these collages using totally free options. But you can upgrade to get more options for your photos. If you think you would use all of their features, I would try the upgrade. But for now I am happy with the look of the free collages. You can adjust the shape of the photo corners, and adjust the background color, as well.

Ali said...

Funny how the temp was twice what it was here. Here it was a whopping 45 degree and raining. welcome to november in New England.

Marilyn said...

Lyndsay, your children are so gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing pics of them with all of us!