Strongly Dislike

Finn's been telling me that he "hates" things lately. It's our fault. I casually say, "I hate it when the laundry piles up." Or "I hate that I keep losing one of every pair of Maya's shoes." Things like that. So he picks it up (Wes is guilty, too). But as adults, we probably don't think too much of it. Until our little ones start pointing it out EVERY SINGLE TIME, then using it themselves. Grrrrr. I tried telling Finn that we should use "strongly dislike" instead. But then I turned around and said, "I hate it when I can't find my keys." Sigh. So I finally told Finn he could make a small list of things he hates, only if they are really really worthy of the list. Here is what he told me in one fell swoop:

Finn Hates:
• Black Widows
• Owies and Bleeding
• Cat Poop (and other types, too, for that matter)
• Mama's Long Hairs in the Bathtub

Sounds about right.
On a completely unrelated note, I just turned around to see a naked Finn "ordering McDonald's with a toy" on my iPhone. That kid keeps it interesting around here!

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Alissa Nicolau said...

Very true and very cute!