Melodic Respite

Thanks to a 7th Edition Anniversary, I am the proud new owner of these beauties:
Wes made some crack about me using Finn's Fisher Price headphones too much. I was happy to be gifted a worthy alternative. I have been listening to Jonsi & Alex's "Riceboy Sleeps," with new appreciation of tone and hidden treasures not found with my Fisher Price throwaways.

Jonsi—and any music he's responsible for (Sigur Ros, anyone?)—is a staple in our household. I like to muse that I was the first one to introduce him to Wes with Staralflur. But he's far surpassed me when it comes to band loyalty! When I needed some musical inspiration for a project recently, he gave me an Icelandic revelation by way of Riceboy Sleeps. Ethereal, haunting, invigorating, inspiring. The album can be found HERE.

If you are new to Sigur Ros or Jonsi, I recommend his recent album, Go. You can find it HERE. And he's also responsible for the wonderful song which plays at the beginning of the end credits on How To Train Your Dragon. Wes has had the priviledge of photographing a couple of Jonsi's shows here in California. This is a favorite shot: 

Happy listening!

What's #1 on your playlist?

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Leciawp said...

That is a great shot! How fun to get to photograph a show.

Tiffany M. said...

This is such an incidence, I want to do a music post too. But your music tastes are a bit more refined than mine!