Letters to Santa

I was e-mailing my mom about Santa tonight, as it relates to Finn. And thought it would make for a good blog post. We will be at my parents' house (Grandparents Beauchamp—pronounced "Beechum") this year for Christmas, which means Santa will be squeezing his ample behind down their well-mantled chimney. I am currently trying to help Finn decide what he wants to ask Santa to bring him. We just finished a round of "Let's watch Toy Story 3 every single day!" So naturally, he's been asking for full-sized versions of Woody and Buzz (and all the others, for that matter). But tonight he might have changed his tune, which means no letter to Santa just yet. Here's how that e-mail went:

After much talk tonight, Finn decided that he already HAS small versions of the Woody and Buzz toys, and maybe he doesn’t need big ones (he says this as he is PLAYING with the 5” versions that he suddenly remembered he owns, and found hiding in the train table). We told Finn that Santa can bring him surprise toys, or one(s) that he really wants. So if he does reallllly want a big Woody or Buzz, he has to tell us, and we can let Santa know. But he has to want that toy more than any other toy. Because Santa brings extra special toys. And I told him he has to tell me if he wants Santa to surprise him, instead, because Santa knows a lot about what Finn likes in his heart. Then Finn said, “Remember God?” And I said yes. And Finn said, “God knows me, and is in my heart.” And I just about melted. Then he went back to the task at hand: Santa. But he was wishy-washy by that point. So I spent a long time researching cool toys for 4-years-olds that would be something worth our while. I am still hunting, and Finn is still hmmming and hawing. Remember when I was little and I wanted that Sweet Pickles Bus, and you kept asking me “Do you REALLY want that??” You were pretty doubtful (heehee). But I insisted on getting that bus. And when it came I SLEPT with it in the bed. I stared at all the cards, and played with the tiny pieces. Who knows. That could have lasted only a week. I want Santa to bring Finn a toy he’ll want to sleep with in bed, even if it means snuggling a clunky plastic box, you know? I don’t want it to be something he’ll play with on Christmas day, and then forget about because he has other versions of the same toy. So we’re still playing elves over here.


Here are some things I've been mulling over for Finn. It has to be something that can be transported home via suitcase on a plane. The contenders (based on much review-reading):

Anything Playmobil (but which one??)

Gotta love Imaginext (he's been eyeing this one):

Alphie (found HERE): 
A blast from the past who has almost entirely captured my heart.

Playtime Sheriff Woody: 
Yes, he's still in the running. I mean, he's 16" tall with a pull string,
and knows when his hat has been taken off. That's pretty good.

Any other ideas would be great! Exceptions: NO MORE DINOSAURS. Oh my heavens, we have every single dinosaur from the entirety of prehistoric times. And he's getting a pirate ship from Grandma Johnson, and knows it. So you can bet we hear about that on a daily basis. I have a few smaller Santa items lined up, but I need that one great toy. (Santa sets the presents out unwrapped, to be discovered in the morning. Then we unwrap other "under the tree" gifts from the rest of the family after breakfast.)  Happy Holiday Hunting to you all!

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Lybi said...

My boys have been sleeping with their new Star Wars/Bakugan umbrellas for $5 from Toys R Us. HAHAHAHA! Kids are so great. THEY put the magic in Holidays. The amazing and exhuberant appreciation they have for the ordinary is golden. Don't worry, Finn will LOVE whatever you get him.

christina said...

My girls watch Toy Story 3 everyday, too, although I'm not very pleased they've learned the words "moron" and "idiot." (even though it sounds soooo funny)

Good luck finding the perfect gift. I'm having a bit of a brain fart on the whole gift giving thing. Hope I can pull it together before Christmas!!

Jen said...

My boys loved and my little one still does..playing with the Imaginext toys. They would play for hours with all the little men and manipulate them etc...
The Medeival Castle with all the horses and men etc...was our first one. Then the Pirate Ship. We have the Batman Cave and the Jungle set too. They are a lot of fun.
We have collected them over about 5years.

Santa also leaves the toys out unwrapped at our house too...just like when I was little.

Beth said...

Tyler is pretty much in love with two things. Wooden trains and Disney CARS. He's been in love with all that kinda stuff for two years at least. Audrey and Tyler's grandparents are getting them this for Christmas. Maybe a good shared toy - like a doll house for a boy and girl that share a room. Tyler also really loved Tinker Toys. They are awesome for building and imagination. I love playing Santa and thinking about what to get the kids.