We have a winner!!

Update: Wes was able to meet his personal fundraising goal for the project. He isn't sure where the total budget stands at the moment, and they are waiting for another big matching grant to come in. But Wes was able to meet his goal for the team, which is awesome. Thanks again to all who participated and are supporting the project!

Congrats, Marilyn!! Shoot me an e-mail, and Wes and I will work out the details of your fabulous new print! Contact me at lyndsayjohnson@gmail.com
A HUGE thank you from myself and Wes for everyone who donated and entered the raffle!

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Christy said...

Yay for her! Boo for me! But most importantly, did he meet his goal for fundraising?! I hope so!

Marilyn said...

Holy wow, this is incredible! I am beyond excited. Wes, I hope you were able to raise the money needed, and I hope to have the opportunity to see this film someday!

By the way, my husbands birthday is in a three weeks and this will make a really awesome gift for him!

Thanks so much, I am thrilled!