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Many of you don't even know my husband, Wes, personally. So please excuse what I am about to do. Which is solicit you for money on his behalf. :) Wes is in the home stretch of raising money for his AFI thesis film, called Firelight. And they have $3,500 to go. They have already received so many generous donations. And even the smallest amounts do not go unnoticed. All are very appreciated. Believe me. Every time they get a new donation, Wes's hope for humanity increases as he happily proclaims "We got another donation!!" from the back room. It really makes his heart sing to know people are supporting him and his project.

So I asked Wes for 10 Good Reasons to Dontate $10 (or more or less, depending). Here is what he told me, in no particular order:

• Your donation is fully tax deductible (you'll receive a letter from AFI).
• Get your very first screen credit. Woop!
• This film is actually being shot on 35mm film. In a digital world, it's important to preserve the future of film.
• Female protagonist. Rock on.
• Solid storytelling: Action. Danger. Suspense. Loyalty. Love. In short, everything you can ask for in a movie. ;) (Click HERE to read the synopsis—then click on Story.)
This little ditty will be making its rounds at some film festivals. And without a decent budget, the production value won't be as high. We don't want to disappoint Robert Redford and all the Sundance guys, now do we?
• Self esteem boost knowing that you've tapped into your "I Support The Arts" side. Or Karma. Take your pick.
• Feed a crew member for a day.
• Supporting an AFI film means supporting the best film school in the world, and in turn the future of good cinema.
• You'll be helping Wes pursue his dream of becoming a Cinematographer. And he thanks you for it!

You can find more about Firelight HERE. You can click on "Donate" if you are interested. It also tells more about the specific ways in which your donation will be used.

NOTE: The film will be rated PG-13 for what I imagine will be strong thematic elements. I have read the current script (which is still undergoing edits). If you go to the site and click on "Story," you can also see why it might fall into the PG-13 category. It's basically the story of a young girl's fight for survival in the wilderness. There are scenes of suspense and danger. In one scene she gets injured. There is no nudity, sexuality, or bad language of any kind. There are some "monsters of the night" that will be glimpsed. And there definitely are characters you grow attached to, a family you find yourself rooting/fighting for, and examples of a girl being tested to her limits, while maintaining a sense of who she ultimately is. Essentially it's a story of hope. In under 30 minutes. :)

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Christy said...

He sold me. I'm feeding a crew member for a day!

The Queen said...

Can I ask what it will be rated?

Anonymous said...

Hi there!!
I'm happy to donate, but the link didn't work from this iPad for some reason. I'll try again from another computer in the morning. Big love and kisses,
Kristin. XXOO

Kristin said...

Sorry for the anonymity. My blogger immaturity is showing off!

Anonymous said...

Sounds sweet! And of course I just used my "pin" money on your oh so fab BEE Calm and Carry On Poster to help support Nie.

Once I get my special wedding invite project money I'll make a little donation:)

Love Mrs Arndt

Unknown said...

Gave a little, I am exciteted for Wes, and I think it´s gonna be an awsome movie! Just sorry I forgot to ask if I could get my credit in Danish :-)