Dear Wes,

I am absolutely up way past my bed time. I know this is not all that unusual for me. But still, I can't go to bed until I write you a little note to stick up on your mirror and admire. A note where I admire you. Here is the flat out truth. You work outrageously hard. You are truly immersed in your labor of love, and I love you for it. I think that over the last few years I have seen a truth come out of you that neither of us knew was in there. It's really special to be a part of that transformation. It's on par with my ability to produce our little minis. I really enjoyed your interview. I learned things about you. That's one of the best things about you. You are never boring. You feel comfortably new quite often—and that quality is quite rare. Even though you understandably don't have time to read this blog, I am sure someone will Facebook about it, and it'll eventually come around to you (kind of like the aforementioned interview I just learned about...tonight).


P.S. To the grandparents Johnson and Beauchamp: Don't let the interview scare you into thinking that we will steal off to Iceland in the night with your grandchildren, never to return. Wes said we'll only summer there. :)

P.P.S. Want to check out what is consuming mostly all of Wes's time? Check it out HERE. It's going to be amazing.The poster's not to shabby either. Kind of makes me wish it was in theaters:

P.P.S. The typos in Wes's interview aren't his doing. He's a stickler like that!

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Lou said...

Hi - this is to touching to read and what a gift! To still find him enthralling; it's the luckiest thing ever in a marriage. I read the interview...enjoyed it, even with the techie photography stuff of which I understand nothing! Lou x

April Kennedy said...

Loved reading his interview and loved this letter of admiration!

monique said...

the movie looks fantastic, the interview was filled with what is a foreign language to me, but wonderful to see that he is so passionate about his work and his family.