I kind of loose my mind a little bit (someone I know might say a lot) when I can't get away. I don't need to go far. Really, I kind of just want to "go to my room." We recently reorganized our back room (which is a catch-all room/office/closet for Wes/school for Finn). The good thing about this, is that I actually have a functional desk. I am typing at that desk right now, in fact. And I have a treadmill back here—with a little shelf for my laptop, no less! Tonight I locked Finn out to watch Planet Earth with Dada, while I "went to my room." Sure I have a view of Wes's shirts hanging in the corner, and a pile of broken down boxes that need to go out to the recycling bin. But I was ALL ALONE. For twenty minutes, at least, until someone came to beg for entry.

Today I hung this quote on the wall above my newly organized desk:

"Creativity comes from trust. 
Trust your instincts. 
And never hope more than you work." 
~Rita Mae Brown

I have one project in particular that this applies to. So I walked on my treadmill, and worked on my project. For twenty minutes, at least, until this one came to beg for entry: (and yes, that's a Danish flag doubling as a curtain...)

How do you find sanctuary?

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Erin Deegan said...

i don't and it's a bummer :(

but sometimes, the driving in the car by myself, with the radio on something i chose... is heaven!

love the photo of finn peeking though the door!

April Kennedy said...

I am so happy for you and your new desk area!

Target by myself is my sanctuary. Also planning my Gospel Doctrine lesson each week. I shut down as mommy for about three hours and enjoy every bit of scripture and spiritual awakening I feel during that time. Now if I could figure out how to plan my lesson while on my eliptical trainer my thighs would thank me.

marlowe said...

My husband set up shelves in our basement for me to fold all of my fabrics on. I have them organized in piles of knits, denims, sheers etc. I love to go down and feel them and imagine what I have planned for each one ... projects which never seem to happen. He sometimes comes down the stairs and asks me if I'm hanging out with my "friends". And the answer is yes, yes I am ... it's my sanctuary

Beth said...

Going the the pilates studio in the morning before everyone else wakes up. Totally focusing on me for one whole hour. Besides that I just grab it when I can, and I don't feel too guilty about hiring a babysitter anymore if I need one. It's worth my sanity sometimes.

dandee said...

somedays just locking the bathroom door feels like an escape. i know you understand.

Anonymous said...

I go to Target all my myself, no hubs and especially no kids to beg for this or that. I can roam for hours and never get bored. The trick is also to go after 8 p.m. because not many moms/kids are there at that hour. Love it.

Marilyn said...

I love these posts where you ask a question that makes me think.

I find sanctuary in these ways:

+ reading the scriptures each morning
+ dates with my husband
+ listening to music
+ reading the blogs that inspire me
+ going to my room and shutting [and locking] the door :)