A day on the family farm, via School Bus #33

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Crystal Farish said...

So cute. Man, I just can't believe someone would send you a scathing email about those cute pictures playing in the hose! Agh! I don't see anything harmful in that.

dandee said...

Lyndsay, you are taking some INCREDIBLE photos! Seriously, every image is so lovely! I love the shot of sweet Maya hugging that little girl garden statue. SO cute!

So sad about the meanies out there. Just know, you are loved. And so is your darling blog. Keep being you, that's what we all love about this happy space. :)


Anonymous said...

SO so so cute! Love the pic of the dusty butt jeans. Your a great photographer:) i gotta get me one of those fancy camera. Safe trip back home!

Gretchen said...

Looks like a great day... and fabulous pictures.. of course. I always enjoy your blog even if I don't comment often! You do a fabulous job :)