Greece: TAKE TWO

(for Take One, click HERE.)

Let's try this again, shall we?

Meet Greg:

Meet Katia:

I like to call them "Gratia"

They fell in love, and a couple of weeks ago got married in beautiful, sunny Greece:

There was a ceremony, kissing, applause, dancing, toasts, fireworks.
It was all very magical:
(or so I am told)

Before I got fantastically ill, I did have 1.75 good days
(but let's not be too nit-picky)

There was beaching:

(apparently I've got the"hands on hips" pose down pat)



Even dancing in the streets:

The thing that's kind of great about blogging
is that I can make 2 days stretch into a whole, amazing trip!

But I think Maya was very happy to have me back home:

Stay tuned for Take Three, in which:
• My parents return from their extended stay in Europe exploring Santorini, London, and the Scottish Highlands (luckies)
• Which will allow me to obtain and post the infamous photo of me hooked up to an IV in a room which looks suspiciously like a submarine
• I prove that I was, indeed, intended to be in the wedding party, and I don a bridesmaid dress

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Barefootlotuss said...

Wow, these are beautiful pics. . .now if I could only take pics like that. Great story, too. . .xox to little Maya. Thank you for keeping us posted.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Love the PHOTO STORY! Amazing shots!

And so sorry you were so sick!!!!!!

Lybi said...

What gorgeous pictures, Lyndsay! My favorite was the one of Greg about to give you a noogie, I mean, of Greg giving you a hug.

Such a lovely bride and a handsome groom! Looks like it was a very romantic wedding. (Sooooo sorry you were courting the Evil Eye for most of it!)

christina said...

I feel like every comment I leave here is the same.


(and I LOVE your swimsuit. where'd you pick that up?)

Unknown said...

The suit is actually from Land's End! I got three suits there this year. They had really beautiful, flattering styles. And I like that I can order a one piece in a long torso! They're all on sale now:

I have this one, too, but they seem to be all out of sizes:

And this is adorable on:

Crystal Farish said...

Love the photos, especially the blue door. I'm so sad you had to get sick, it looks like such a fun place to explore. I would have loved dancing in the streets!! That poor little kitty looks like she missed you!


Anonymous said...

So pretty and it's a bummer you missed out on so much. I agree, you look fab in a black one piece:) Hopefully your getting stronger every day and are on the mend:)

thirtynothing said...

Beautiful!!! These pics were definitely worth the wait, thank you for posting them! Can't wait to see take three.

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous pictures, Lindsay and what a beautiful bride and groom. It looked and sounds like it was a story-tale wedding! Sorry to hear you got so sick though.

Tiffany M. said...

My favorite shot is the aqua colored door with hanging vines and whitewashed surroundings.
And your beach outfit: tres chic.

Anne said...

oooh the wedding dress? where was that lovely thing discovered?