4 Kennedys and A Dog meet Lyndsay and the Johnsons

I have a "blogger buddy" named April Kennedy. She's talented, spunky, a great mom, and so down-to-earth. We've been "online" friends for a while now. I met her when she contacted me to revamp her blog, 4 Kennedys and a Dog a few years ago. And we've e-mailed ever since. And this week I had the pleasure of hanging out with her whole family for a few hours! Their family was on their way down the 5 for their annual summer vacation. And seeing as I am right off the 5, they all stopped by. It was like meeting up with an old friend! I wish all my favorite blogging buddies lived right around the corner, don't you? Fast friends:
You can find April's blog here (renamed as an extension of her business):

If you haven't checked out the Funky Vintage Kitchen Etsy shop yet, you should hop on over! You can find the shop HERE. She sells really cute aprons, cake plates, jewelry, you name it. Lots of great items to make you feel pretty in the kitchen!

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April Kennedy said...

We are still talking about parts of our visit and how glad we are that we stopped! Little tid bits of conversation here and there. Little memories. Finn in all his politeness and full on conversation and Maya in her cute pink skinny jeans! It was so nice and so fun!

Christy said...

She seems just lovely and that apron is adorable! I had the pleasure of meeting a blogger friend in real life a couple of weeks ago - such fun!

jmt said...

I laughed at your comment on FVK blog about how your dad took you shopping for supplies to "bond"...seriously funny moment AFTER the fact. :)

When I popped over here to tell you I thought that was a great comment, I realized YOU were the Lyndsay she met!! How fun for the two of you. I admit, I'm a wee bit jealous...but at the same time I might be too nervous to meet a bloggy friend in person. I'm a chicken like that.

Gretchen said...

Isn't April a doll??? Love that gal to pieces!!! Can't wait till the next time our family gets to hang out with hers. And so glad she introduced me you your blog and you too :)