Spending time with the cousins this week. Back in a tiffy, I mean jiffy...

Maggs, Priceless, Laneybop, Teen, TayTay, Lala, Austin T., Blueberry, Finneman. Don't forget Aunt Tippy (or Tiffy, Spiff, Piff, Tifferoonie, Spiffy, Tifferie, Piffers, Feathers, Roonie, the list could go on), and you have quite a party!

(aka ZZ, Z, Z-Mo, Lynny, Lynds, you get the idea)

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jen said...

You may want to read my blog today--http://bjdentonfamily.blogspot.com/2010/06/unclear-of-etiquette-in-this-situation.html
Just to let you know I enjoy your blog and I wish I'd told you personally. Hope your visit to AZ is fun, and you are a DARLING mom!
Thanks for your blog. Wish mine was as pretty.

Terra said...

I came by because of the story on Jen's Blog above...I sought you out from the blog roll on her sidebar! I had to see who she didn't meet at the mall! Your blog is adorable. I will be back!