Quiet Day

Wes and I both agree that it's felt like Sunday all day. Both of the kids are under the weather. So we've rested. I did laundry, I made dinner from scratch. We watched some Apple TV. I did puzzles with Finn. I even baked banana muffins. In short, I was surprisingly domestic today. And I highly recommend it! :)

Start by baking these. If you can make them mini, all the better. (Thanks for the recipe, Mom!)

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Vanessa said...

Just the recipe I needed today! I have a whole bunch of browning bananas on my counter that I just haven't felt like eating. I think I'll go make them right now!

Unknown said...

yum! thanks for the recipe! and i agree, they're always better in mini form.

Christy said...

This makes me even more upset about having a broken oven. Sigh.