Little Miss

Maya is ridiculously cute and funny all day long. Today I caught her just chillin'
on the couch, with those darling little pigtails, holding her baby:
Dinner resulted in this mess:
Which leads me to this video. I had taken out those pigtails, stripped her of her shirt,
and was getting ready to hose her down, when she discovered something.
Finn's new Bug Catcher/Hotel. Check out what she thinks it's better suited for:

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christina said...

LOVE the hair!!

Shorty said...

So cute!

dandee said...

that's my kind of girl! and she's walking so well! Oliver hasn't even taken a step yet.

Carla (Choosing His Joy) said...

She is so adorable--she makes me want another baby girl so I could go through that stage again! : )

Lexi said...

Maya Papaya-- so darling! I love it when they display more and more of their personality. That Maya is becoming quite the character! I love it. :)

Tiffany M. said...

She's gonna kill you when she grows up and finds this video on your blog! :)
Her one "sprig" has multiplied to two!