Finn's Summer

Me: Finn! Today is the first day of summer! What are we going to do this summer?

Finn: I will catch a bug (a "big baby dinosaur butterfly dragon...fly bug," to be specific)

Me: Where are we going to go this summer?

Finn: I'm gonna go to the BIG flowers and catch many bugs.

Me: Where else are we going to go?

Finn: We're gonna go to the grass and catch some BUGS!

Me: Anywhere else while it's sunny and hot? (hint hint)

Finn: The beach...

Me: The beach?!

Finn: ...to see the bugs!!!

Soooo....I guess we're catchin' some bugs this summer. :)

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Krista said...

So cute! My boys loved the butterfly garden I got them last year - maybe the caterpillars will keep his interest at home, too! :)

Ali said...

time to get a fire fly catcher and jar.