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I won't pretend that I had the most amazing Mother's Day ever. This just wasn't a good Sunday to have Mother's Day in our house. We have a rather sick boy and a recklessly fearless toddler, and an absentee husband (and a backed up sink/dishwasher/washing machine because of stupidity on my part). But I got a sweet note from Wes. And honestly I seem to receive and give the same amount of love and appreciation regarding my role as a mother every day around here. I know I will have more traditionally special Mother's Days in the future. But this year I am just happy to hear every one else's accounts of super special days!

Here are two quotes that I heard today from Finn (between coughing fits) that really cracked me up. They were delivered with a very straight face:

"Today means 'NOW', and tomorrow means 'SOMEDAY.'" (In response to when Finn will be pooping on the potty, to which his reply is always "tomorrow." Now I understand...)

"Mom, you have two options. Either the whale or either the dolphin." (In response to me saying "You have two options: Either stay in the bath and DON'T splash, or get out.")

Then Maya woke up today, on MOTHER'S DAY, and decided to start mothering her baby dolls. It was the most precious thing ever! "Oooooh, Daydee." Since she doesn't yet pronounce "B's" she can't say Baby. Then she proceeded to try to repeatedly climb to the top of a dangerous chair, causing me to remove it to the back room. Along with the coffee table. I've got side tables and small chairs in the living room arranged just so she can't get behind and on top of things. It probably looks like some awkwardly subtle attempt at Feng Shui. This was after I heard her coughing this morning, only to enter the kitchen and find her eating handfulls of vanilla flavored powdered sugar. It was EVERYWHERE. I'm going to have to start strapping that child to me. Sheesh.

Sorry for the lack of new photos lately. My kids hate to stop long enough for me to produce anything more than a blur of bright colors.

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Anonymous said...

It's 1 AM. I just got off set. You're asleep, the kids too. It asks a lot of me, this pursuit.
I thought about you all day.
...you forgot to mention that I took the plumbing apart, mucked out old, disgusting pork from the pipes, did a load of dishes and laundry--at 2:00 this morning, which was very technically Mother's Day. And this because I love you.

Lexi said...

Cute little Maya! That's sweet that she loves her baby doll!

I can't get Peyton to poop on the potty either. Boys; why must they make it so difficult? ;-)

The rain foiled Troy's plans for a breakfast picnic (we have 1:00 church so instead of having lunch and cutting it close, we decided on breakfast instead). In fact, it is still windy and grey outside.

My Mother's Day gift was sitting in Sacrament sans babies so I could hear an entire meeting for once. The best part were the caramel chocolate apples they passed out at the end for all of the mothers. Yum.

Hope you get to see Wes soon! Sounds like (from his comment) that he misses you dearly. Hopefully school is going well and he's having fun too.

Gretchen said...

Thanks for being real Lyndsay!

Sweet comment from Wes.... and I am sure the season shall pass onto better ones soon, and you will all be reaching for your dreams together.

Kristina said...

aww don't you love mothering!! I enjoy hearing your anecdotes - kinda makes me feel more normal. and p.s. totally can relate to the absentee husband and feeling like a single mom...except this move to college station was SUPPOSED to change that...now it's still "in the future". and rick will most likely ALWAYS have to work on mother's day - part of working in country club management. but he was still so sweet when i finally did get to see him. i can't believe you do all you do so KUDOS to Lindsay!!