How To: Posting Multiple Photos on one line—no Photoshop needed!

I've been updating and filling up the reserves over at Beautify My Blog. Specifically the How To section. Here is a tip I posted today. The abbreviated version is below.

If you want to post 2 or more photos on one line, but don't want to "collage them" (like I've done HERE), you can use this method. Usually it takes a little math. But because I hate math myself, I'll spare you that part. This was originally written to accommodate a wider layout (but I include it for Minima, too). To widen your layout yourself, visit HERE. Here are the values you'll need:

Wider layout: Your blog's "main wrapper," or posting space, is 650px. So if you are posting 2 photos, they need to each be 310px wide, with a space bar "space" in between.

Basic Minima Blogger layout: the magic number is 195.

I just saved you a big math headache. I love you, too.

Now, follow these steps:
1. Upload your photos with the settings as "none" under layout, and "large" for the size:

2. Click on your HTML tab. You will need to delete the height—including the semi colon after it—of each photo (below in orange), and then enter the value of the width in place of the original width (below in purple). It will look like this (if you have a basic Minima template, your width will be "195px"):

3. Click back on your Compose tab and see the results. I had to add a space between the two, and voila! Two on one line. You may have to tweak this a little bit to get the exact size and spacing, but once you determine the right size for two images (or three, etc.), make a note of it!

To view the entire post, including how to do the math yourself, click HERE.

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Crystal Farish said...

Would you believe I just spent over an hour trying to figure out how to do this! You ALWAYS know just what I need. Thanks a million for sharing. Now I need to know how to widen my posting space so it doesn't cut my pictures in half. Or.... do I just need to do the math??

Anonymous said...

Cute blog! I too am a graphic designer with two little munchkins of my own. Wish I had more time for the bog, it's about all I can do every night to come home after work, make supper, bathe the girls, go work out and fall into bed. Thanks for sharing your life with us all. Question - I haven't really explored it much and I'm sure I can figure it out but why not ask? How do you create a blog button?

Leciawp said...

I've tried to do this before and quickly gave up - thank you!!

thirtynothing said...

Wait, will this help prevent anything I post from being cut off on the right side if they're too big to center and not overlap my right-hand profile info? So annoyed and I have no idea how to prevent it.

Unknown said...

Rachel--thanks for the question on creating a button! I'll make a video demo on that soon.

Leciawp said...

How do you get them side by side after resizing them? I tried this last night and couldn't do it.