Sunday Faces: Finn wants to go to church in Granbury!!

Meet White Legs and Funny Face. This is us on Sunday, in Granbury, TX. Finn REALLY wanted to go to church today—just Finn and Mama. And we're all ready. See?

But the time that the internet told me church was starting was an hour later than the actual time that church started. So Finn was REALLY unhappy when we got there and had to leave again, seeing as we missed all the action. So that was that. We took a drive through the back roads of Granbury, to look at the ranches and white fences, horses and wildflowers. I adore the secluded areas of this part of Texas. The Oak trees. The hint of hill country just beginning to take shape. Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes in saturated green fields, accentuated by cloudy gray skies. Pale limestone houses with tin roofs, maybe a windmill in their field. The quiet history. It's charming and powerful at the same time. Always fun to visit, always a little hard to leave. But we're missing Wes. We'll be heading West to Cali on Wednesday. Manifest Destiny, right? ;)

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Bekah: said...

You are both adorable!

Christy said...

Aww I love your skirt and those shoes! And he looks adorable, as always!

Lou said...

A very photogenic pair you are!

Beth said...

I love Finn's face in that top photo.

And thanks for that quote in the previous post. I might have to post it sometime.