The unexpected day: Part Two (a.k.a. "the good, the bad, and the ugly")

So how did the day turn out? Well I'll start with the UGLY:

• My big fat lip (that has a sore on it, to boot), as a result of a collision with Finn 2 nights ago. I can't hide it. People stared at it all day. Sorry to gross you out. (More grossness coming under "BAD" so be warned.)

• The state of my house most of the day. I am surprised how long it took me to get things all put away again (including the detritus left all over after the packing was done...you know all the extra bits and pieces you decide you don't need to take, but don't want to worry about cleaning up again because your husband who is staying behind for school says, "Don't even worry about it because I'll be here and I'll just clean it up for you." swoon). Going through the whole "pack it up and put it all away again in a 24 hour period" has left me lack-luster about cleaning.

I'll bullet point quickly over the BAD:

• Library fines

• Blasted busted ACs

• Finn's attitude when he doesn't nap

• Maya's attitude towards being sick

• Spending most of the monthly grocery budget on things like medicine and misc. travel needs, and not on actual food (since we didn't think we'd be here to eat for a few weeks). This resulted in eggs, edamame, and jell-o for dinner. Sounds gross when I type it, but Maya looked at me with those "I sure love you for making this yummy finger-food dinner, Mom!" eyes. Which is actually a segue into the list of GOOD things that happened today:

• Free or $1 DVD rentals at the Library, and the great Mo Willems books we checked out on our spontaneous outing.

• Shady tree-lined streets

• Rearranged furniture (Anyone who knows what my house is like is probably chuckling at this because I have itty bitty living space. So rearranging furniture is limited to small things, in small ways, but it still makes it feel like a change.)

• Finn telling me he is glad I'm his Mom.

• Teaching Finn to say "LibRary," instead of the usual "LibAry."

• My elderly neighbor just showed up on my door step with presents for Finn and Maya!! She brought over collectors edition banks in the form of a metal truck and sweet little white milk truck. How generous and thoughtful is THAT? AND I just remembered her name. Dolly. I was wracking my brain all evening about what her name is, so now I can deliver her Thank You note.

• Wes will most likely be home early (anything before 10:30 is early for him). Finn didn't nap today. So I am putting him to bed early (anything before 10:30 is early for him). So Wes and I can watch a movie, etc. Stupid lip injury... ;)

Thanks for reading my probably boring daily details. This is my journal, afterall.

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dandee said...

I want a neighbor named Dolly. She sounds lovely.

dandee said...

Oh, and good for you to teach Finn the correct pronunciation of libRary. It kills me when i hear people, especially adults, say libAry.

Lybi said...

What a day! Sick baby is enough. Broken AC is enough, Changing plans is enough. Thanks goodness your hubby will be home to kiss your injury (softly!). Your landlord is starting to invoke my formidable wrath! Shame on him.
But what a sweeet neighbor.

Christy said...

Well, yeah for early bedtimes and early home time for Wes! But wow, lots of ugh going on too! Hopefully you have a great weekend and everyone is all healthy, and napping! again soon!

Katie Lane said...

Isn't it funny how a few good things can make the bad things seem so silly?!

thirtynothing said...

The good sound like they totally made up for the bad and ugly! Good for you! I'm always excited to hear the details of others' days. It feels like you get to experience it through their eyes. Also, the way you've structured it also helps to drive home that there is "good" in every day. It's recognizing and appreciating the good instead of letting the bad and ugly take center stage that makes the difference!