How To: Tunnels

**Note: I covered Finn's train table and toy chest with a rug I had from IKEA. My Dad pointed out that the noise Finn made from all of his toy-banging could be muffled if I covered in in carpet. Genius! I cut the rug down to fit both tables. A little Velcro, and I have darling tables that are always ready for cars and trains (and dinosaurs that want to rampage through a small coastal village). And the Velcro makes it possible to revert these pieces of furniture back to their original states at some point, without committing to glue or paint!

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Ali said...

Love it! thanks for this tip, and for your words on my nightmare adventure to the bookstore. Everyone I've talked with a 3 year-old says they same thing and seems to be going through the same ordeal when leaving a place the child would rather stay.

Crystal Farish said...

Have you found that your kids love playing with homemade spur of the momement toys more than the ones you purchase? Mine did. Claire's all time favorite toy -- popcicle sticks that I made into a family. I drew faces and outfits on them with magic marker one day just to get her out of my hair. She carried those things with her EVERYWHERE and played with them all the time. Eden's favorite -- keys and key chains. I potty trained him by letting him go to Home Depo once a week for a new key.