What do you do when your 12 month old daughter has a 9 month waist, and an 18 month leg length?
Lengthen some hand-me-down jeans to suit her!
I am the kind of "seamstress" (chuckle) who taught myself how to use my mom's sewing machine in high school, and wasn't too concerned with overly straight stitching at the bottom of these jeans—obviously (although my Grandma might have been "tsk"ing down at me from heaven over this...).

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Christy said...

I'm so impressed Lyndsay! I LOVE these - and I really want to learn how to sew now. Very cute and creative idea, and post! Hope you all have a good weekend and are feeling better!

Shorty said...

Those are some seriously cutesy pants!

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

you are a genius! i miss you. :)

Beautify My Blog said...

Love this idea! I saw some with even longer and fluffier ruffles somewhere...I could see Maya in those too.