A Little Anxiety

A year ago I looked like this the day before Maya was born (there's a lot of baby #2 in there):

And a whole year later, I am happy to report I am mostly back to normal. And I was feeling pretty good about my jean fit and waistline until I remembered the fast-approaching date of this:
Now, this wedding is taking place in gorgeous GREECE,
where I will be wearing this (rising panic, despite the suit being cute):

But since I am a bridesmaid, I am also going to be donning this
(slightly more panic, despite the dress being beautiful)
Which is why I am now doing lots of this:

Thanks to this:
Now is there a post-nursing bust workout anyone knows of? ;)
Wish me luck.

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Shorty said...

Push ups and Pull ups. Not only will you help your chest with a bit of a lift, but your arms will look fabulous! And your shoulders, and your upper back...

Try not to panic... you're going to look gorgeous in Greece wearing both the swim suit and the dress!

Lee said...

Uhhh... where you even pregnant in that picture?? I'm sure you look smokin in a bathing suit!

P.s. I love the bridesmaids dress and the idea of wearing it in Greece makes me love it more!

Beth said...

You look awesome (now and then as a 9 month pregnant lady btw). I am in the same boat although my wedding is in Cape Cod, not Greece (jealous of Greece). I feel ya!

Lybi said...

Lyndsay, if anyone should be worried, it is surely all the other bridesmaids who are going to be standing next to YOU! You look fantastic, but aside from that, you also know that looks are NOT what it's all about, right? Don't waste a precious second of your glorious Grecian vacation thinking of anything except how much you love the bride and groom and how lucky you are to have such a beautiful family of your own.

That being said, I am totally working my buns off trying to get back into my cute jeans, so don't go by me. One thing my personal trainer said about the bust issue is NOT to work out your chest (push-ups etc.) because it will actually diminish your natural...er...ya know, self.

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

Remember when we used to hang out all the time after Maya was born? I'd like to have had your body back then. Love you! Come see me!

Robin said...

YOu're going to look fabulous! I think I'll probably going for the post nursing chest surgery some day :)

Ali said...

I hear yoga will help the girls go north again. Lost of downward dog. Seems to be working for my neighbor. You're a hot momma anyway. don't sweat it.

Christy said...

I like the Kelly Ripa arms workout - it uses your entire torso and upper body and arms. Get a medicine ball and make the letters of the alphabet - upper and lower - in front of you with your arms extended. I guarantee you'll feel and see results! Gorgeous suit and dress by the way - you'll rock them both I'm sure!