Lickable Spoon: Out of hibernation, at last!

It's been a while. As in 3 months. But we're back! I say WE, because my talented sis-in-law, Tiffany, is joining me as a co-author on Lickable Spoon (my recipe sharing blog that has been down in the dumps the past 3 months, moping around not knowing what to do with herself). So this is the famed Tiffany:
I am SO excited! Unrivaled cakes, this one. She adds some serious legitimacy to the blog. So tune back in if you are a follower, or follow along. Because Tiffany will not fail to please! Click on the button below to visit the site:

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Lee said...

Please Tiffany do not fail me! My kichen has been like your blog, just moping around not knowing what to do with itself or even if it has a duty anymore.

dandee said...