At the top of my blog roll is 65 Red Roses. It is the blog of Eva Markvoort, a beautiful young woman who spent her life struggling with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Eva passed away this morning. I was so surprised to see the news. Everyone who had been following along with Eva was prepared for this sad news at some point, but it was still shocking to read it. If you would like to visit her blog and learn more about this extraordinary woman, visit HERE. And to watch an enlightening trailer of the Canadian, award-winning documentary about Eva, visit HERE.
Eva, you will be missed. You fought a good fight, and truly impacted the world, beautiful girl.

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Angela said...

I hadn't read her LJ until today, because of you. What a beauty!

Lybi said...

I spent a lot of today thinking about her, after delving into her blog last night. Such a wise little soul in a young body. Very sad, but very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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