Bears, Beets, Battlestar Gallactica.

For those of you who don't know, that is a quote from the TV show, The Office, delivered by Jim impersonating Dwight. And it's also the name of Steph Catudel's witty blog. You can find it HERE. Steph is conducting a study for her Graduate Thesis, which is on the social impact of blogs. And she has a goal. She needs 100 followers. And I thought I would help spread the word, because I understand what it is like to do a Thesis. I tromped all over Toronto in the freezing winter, riding the subway (Wes in tow—thank goodness he really liked me...that could have been a deal breaker). Based on what I encountered, I redesigned the subway signage system. And then a lady who worked for the Toronto Subway Commission (who was supposed to offer a professional opinion) yelled at me because the VERY rough draft of my 200 pg. thesis that I express mailed to her, had a typo in it. And she said, "Shame on you!" And I wanted to tell her to go to, well...I digress. So let's help make Steph's Thesis experience a little better! :) Here is her post detailing her objective:

To all of my loyal, not-so-loyal, and somewhat disinterested followers:

I need your help. I am hoping to write my Masters Thesis on the social impact of blogs, mine in particular. I am looking to find whether political interest blogs can have an effect on personal opinion and if so, to what extent. I will continue blogging about my personal life, but will implement various political opinion pieces along the way, as I have been doing on occasion. The point is not to subliminally sneak my political ideology into your lives, but to use my blog as a forum to express my daily thoughts, because I'll be honest: I think about politics daily. Basically, my blog will continue to consist of my family events, thoughts and views with an editorial-style twist.

So, I'll get to the point: I am asking whether you would like to take part in my Thesis study. All you would have to do is fill out an anonymous survey, follow my blog somewhat regularly (once a week-ish), and then fill out another survey in a few months. The survey will consist of demographic/personal/political questions, but I assure you that it will be completely anonymous, if you so choose. In order for my research to be statistically significant, I need 100 participants. This may be a lofty goal, but if you want to help me, just spread the word! I promise I'll try to keep the political pieces interesting and humorous.

So, if you are interested in helping to further research on New Media, leave a comment on my blog or email me at stephcatudal@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!

Click the button below to visit her blog and follow along. I know it will mean a lot to her!

**Note: This is not the same blogger who Courtney over at CJane posted about. It's just a funny coincidence (especially considering Courtney ALSO tromped all over parts of Canada in the cold)...

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