Running in socks.

We always tell Finn NOT to run in his socks, because he can slip and fall. I should probably take my own advice. Especially after today's "incident." I was not entirely dressed when the doorbell rang. It was UPS delivering a package, and I RAN to the bedroom to throw on some jeans. I was in socks, and as I rounded a corner into the bedroom, I slipped. I fell full force onto my right side. My FACE broke my fall. I think I blacked out for a minute, because the next thing I know my glasses are across the floor and Finn is saying, "Moma?? It's a package. Are you hurt? It's a package!!" It was really weird. I got up and felt like someone clocked me in the face with a brick. I have a puffy lip and a sore chin. My cheekbone looks like I've been slapped around (red, but fading). And I have a massive headache, even 6 hours later. My whole face feels sore when I make expressions.

So leave it to me to get all metaphorical with this. Lately my life it's felt like I've been setting myself up for a fall. I've been overworking myself, not spending enough time focusing on my family and things that make me happy, feeling stressed. And I have the ability to make that stop. So this week I made a lot of changes. I am slowing down. I am going to quit "running around without socks," so that I won't fall flat on my face.

Fellow blogger Bekah Ray posted recently about how she is getting "back to basics." It really confirmed that it's exactly what I need to do, too. Check out her post HERE.

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Jessica said...

Oh my gosh!! I can't believe that! Yes, sounds like getting back to basics is a good idea. I hope for your sanity and well-being (physical too!) you can somehow cut back on all that work!

And good luck with the weaning!

Miss you too!

Bekah: said...

Oh no! I feel terrible for you. I do however like the perspective you put on your "fall". It made me think, am I setting myself up to fall! Thanks!

dandee said...

Oh, no! I hope your face feels better soon!

As far as everything else...I know what you mean. It's very easy to overwork, over schedule, over commit. You are wise to recognize the need for change. And I love when you get "all metaphorical".

Ali said...

Hope you feel better Lyndz, and it does sound like "slowing down" might be a really good idea. Happy V-day!

Shorty said...

I'm glad you're ok! If you're head keeps aching you should visit your doc. Could be a slight concussion or something. I've had that before... no fun. Take care of yourself, my friend. Slowing down sounds like a great remedy!

Kristen said...

Target has these really cool things on clearance called "grippies" and they are for socks or tights for kids. They are iron-on and wonderful! -I found them on an end-cap in the children's area-
Sorry you fell, and you've probably learned your lesson but for little Finn the might be worth it! I think they were around a dollar!
Get to feeling better soon and simplifying!

Lybi said...

Lyndsay! I'm so sorry you got hurt. Darn those slippery socks...but they're so comfy! Hope you didn't get a concussion. Hope the package you got was worth the pain!

Good luck simplifying...it's always a good idea.

Beth said...

Oh no! Are you ok? That is a crazy fall. And thanks for that link to your friend's blog. I, too, am always working on back to basics. Hope to run into you soon, around town somewhere.

Tiffany M. said...

owee lynnay!