Poster Post: TYPO

Many moons ago, when I was in undergrad at the University of North Texas, I took a number of printmaking classes. I ADORED them. I made one print of a black, hand-sketched tree, with typography comprising the leaves. They tumbled out of the branches into piles of red letters on the ground. I love that print. I should find it...

Until I do, let's enjoy these typographic beauties:

I love these first 2 movie posters!!

I need to stencil this on my living room wall.

Letter press. Mmmmmmm.

Had to do it. Dad, you are excused from this creed.

My friends have this hanging in their home, only theirs is in red. It's awesome.

This poster is so great on a number of levels. First, I had to look twice to realize the trigger is a comma (there is another hidden comma in there).
And secondly a comma is basically a pause. Brilliant.

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Christy said...

So cool - I love the winter solstice one best. What neat finds and I'd love to see the one you did in school too!

Catherine P. said...

Love love this stuff!!!

I'm big on letter press. Love to see different types of "type".

Oh and I wanted to tell you that I love your blog!


Crystal Farish said...

LOVE this post!!!!! I'm taking a typography class in the fall and this really got me excited! I'm still wishing for a letter press. I might go get one this week. If I do, we have to get together!

Sydney said...

I love that you post this kind of stuff. I am an aspiring graphic designer (a.k.a college student) that found your blog from Nie Nie's. It is really inspirational to see this stuff and it keeps me motivated. Do you know of any good graphic design blogs I could look at to try to immerse myself? It would be awesome if you did. Thanks!

Marija said...

These are terrific. Typographic beauties indeed. Love how clever and versatile they all are! Marija

embot said...

Lovin' your poster series! Aren't they just so cool?