Longing for space

Lately I've been parked on the couch with my laptop purring away as it acts as a space heater for my legs (both of these things have me worried, actually, and caused me to back everything up out of fear of a laptop meltdown). I am dying for the wide expanse of a creative counter. I want to look to my left and see my printer, scanner, file folders, magazine racks. I want to lean over to the right and reach my Pantone kits, fabric swatches, pile of inspiration tear sheets. I want a table to break out the Xacto knife and mod podge. I need a bulletin board. I need some serious storage. I need my 11 month old to quit pulling the cord from my charging computer and trying to electrocute herself by teething on it!!! (This happens multiple times a day. It actually delivers a small buzz when she puts it in her mouth—I TESTED it.)

Here is the current object of my inspirational affection:
I could breathe in this room! I could feel the creativity coming to life. And most of all I could hear my kids napping in the other room while I bask in the glory of a room that's all mine again.

(And I could definitely see my new Letterpress Machine fitting in really well. It arrives mid February, thanks to my loving parents!)

**Post edit: Does it make me a bad mommy to say that I would subject my children to indefinite coed room sharing if it meant I had some creative space? Heh heh... Don't put it past me!!

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April Kennedy said...

That's what I need to do! Bunk Kaia and Blake together and I too could have a room all to myself. At least you would have a partner in crime...makes it not feel as bad!

Wishing you more space in the next few years...hang in there.

P.S. I backed up tonight too...my quickbooks after I put a long day in on the office bookkeeping. Just had a funny feeling.

embot said...

Did i ever tell you I took a letterpress class? It was awesome and I totally want that sweet machine. nice, nice find.

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

This office is incredible and gorgeous!!! I can just see you in there...creating away!

Anonymous said...

Power cord's also give you a small electical shock (burn) to your tongue. I made the mistake of licking mine once--don't ask!

LobotoME said...

what a lovely space!!!