Christmas in Texas, Take 1: Catching up with the Grandparents Beauchamp

About time I posted some photos from our holiday adventures, eh?
It's a month past due! They're coming in 4 parts.

Maya and my Dad had a really special connection. It was wonderful to watch. She even called him "Nnnnandad." We all about fell out of our chairs when we heard that!

Some time on the boat...

And on the dock.

A happy bunch!

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Lee said...

Oh my gosh Lyndsay! Maya is just a stunning little lady! I love the last picture of her!

dandee said...

what a special time for your children. and your mother, she's GORGEOUS!

Ali said...

That pic of Maya and your dad is so precious. I love it. So good to see some pics of them. Tell them I say hi.