Supermom Series II: Angela Henrie

Throughout this holidays season I will be featuring inspiring women in a series I like to call the Supermom Series. (This is the second time I have run the series. Find the first HERE.) I love doing this series because it gives us a glimpse into the lives and hearts of other women and moms. To see how they do it. To see what makes them unique and inspiring. And to see some of ourselves in them, and hopefully grow in the process. Every Monday through December and January, I have had a new "Supermom" with me to answer a few questions.

Angela Henrie of Angela Henrie Designs is with us today! She's artistic, she's eclectic, she's a mother of 8, and she's real. You can find her beautifully fun and colorful jewelry HERE. So without further ado, here we go. Do you remember the questions?

What inspires you? :: Where do you find it? :: How do you live it?

What inspires me? Basically everything! The images I see in the stone in my shower, the way water reflects off my just-watered lawn, the shapes, colors, and textures of clouds...you name it, I'm looking at it. I find beauty in so much. Even in what others might consider "garbage", I see potential. Just buying paint makes me happy. Smelling potting soil and compost in my car makes me giddy. I love making things "pretty" and putting my signature on things. It's the simple things that bring me so much pleasure. Maybe it's the Mother-in-me-syndrome: I want to rescue it, nurture it, make it lovely and happy.

I am inspired by people. Just people. I have always been an observer, and I really love observing people! There are several individuals I look up to immensely! Their kind acts of service, their genuine drive to just be a GOOD person. You hear about those giving their time in other countries, in non-profit organizations, sacrificing their own means of living...geeze, I really admire these people. Could I ever be like them?! They make me look at my own life and ask, "What am I doing in this life? Am I thinking of others? Or am I getting lost in my own little bubble? " I am inspired to be a better person in society. Maybe I can't go to another country right now, but I can smile and say, "Hello" to a stranger as I pass, I can pick up the piece of trash as I walk by, I can help an elderly person get the door. Yes, I can always be doing something.

My Grandpa inspired me. He lived with me for five years. He was old and alone. I took him in. It was out of my comfort zone, but it was the best thing I ever did. I didn't have a very close relationship with him, I didn't know him that well. But my love for him somehow took over my insecure body and I found myself convincing him to come live with me. He was a cattle rancher by trade, a tough cookie. You knew if he disagreed with things you did. I knew he thought I was a bit of a loon and a crybaby. He taught me so much about giving and being thoughtful of someone else's needs. Sure, I am already the maid around here to a husband and kids, but my Grandpa had his own needs. I loved being there for him. HE inspired me to be a better person!

My kids inspire me, each and every day. "The sun came up! Again!" That's one of my favorites. When I look at life through my little ones' eyes, everything seems more miraculous and magical at the same time. But isn't that how we should view life? It really is amazing, and they help me to see that. This is exactly why I hate for them to grow up. I don't want to lose that perspective—It takes so much more work as an adult to view things in that light.

Every day, it's a matter of connecting with each one of them, asking them questions, talking with them, LISTENING to them. I learn so much from them. They inspire me to be a better person, to be a better example, to give more. Sometimes it can be a simple comment they make that puts me back on a path of gratitude for what I have and an awareness of my bounty of blessings. They are so sharp, children these days. If you listen to one, you too will find yourself inspired!

Inspiration comes because you are open to it. I'm a total nerd, but I firmly believe that if you are a positive person, positive things will happen. You have to "open" your eyes to see the good in things. It is DEFINITELY there.

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