How To: #1. Color and sizing adjustments for your blog photos

I get lots of e-mails and comments about my photos. First off, I assure you I am not a "real" photographer. But I am married to one (he's now turning cinematographer, so I have taken up all the photographing lately, seeing as he's been so busy with school). He gives me tips (and a decent camera), and every so often I get lucky. And I thought I would share some of the ways I achieve the effects in my photos in a series of video tutorials. I should tell you that I use Photoshop, and for the most part I go about things the long way. But I like to have control over my photos. It's a graphic designer thing. It's an OCD thing... So if you have ways of coming to the same conclusions that I do in a speedier, less "designery" way, please share for my readers' sakes!

The first video in this installment is on Color Adjustments and Sizing Your Photos for posting. And you can find it HERE. And I have to apologize for the crazy noise in the background at times. Maya was jumping in her exersaucer, and it sounds like she's building a house with her little bare hands. Oh, and apparently I am a Valley Girl. I didn't know it until I was reviewing my video. Great. ;)

To supplement the video, here are some links to products and tips:

• Find the Photoshop family HERE (you can find free trials there, too).

• To turn blogs into books, visit BLURB.

• The cameras I use: Canon 30D
Canon Elph Powershot
Trusty iPhone

• My tutorial on posting larger photos is HERE.

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Jamie said...

great tutorial. i have a quick question...as someone that is trained in graphic design and has the expertise of a photographer as a husband, where do you go to learn new things? do you read books, look for online tutorials, none of the above? i am someone that is simply dabbling in photography and simple graphic design to simply challenge myself and give me something to do creatively as i stay home with my daughter. believe it or not i worked for a web design company for nearly 5 years as an hr manager. i could hire the best around but never once thought to use their knowledge for myself...now i am kicking myself.

any direction you could point me in on good books or tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

Christy said...

Lyndsay - it worked! I just make a photo larger on my blog this morning! THANK YOU!