A willing subject

What is a wifey to do when she's home alone missing her husband? Use his amazing, underused camera, of course!! Wes doesn't have time to read my blog, so he'll never know. Heh heh. Ahem. I mean, "Wes, thank you for letting me carefully use your Canon. I treated it kindly, even though I had no idea what the heck was going on with the color, which I thought was set correctly, and thus had to adjust things in post..." I admit it was a lot more camera than I am used to. But I really like the sound of the shutter, and I think I even let out an audible, "Aah!" when I heard it. I actually don't think these look that much different from my usual photos (with some depth of field exceptions). I want Wes to show me some pointers specific to his camera (assuming he'll let me use it again), so I can make them sing! That being said, here's my test subject:
"Mom!! I'm done with this photo shoot!"

Over and out.

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dandee said...

You did a great job! Although, I always think your photos are fab.

Is it wrong to say I like the "crying" pics? Maya looks so cute. In a sad way. ;)

Lybi said...

Cute! Great job with that camera!

On One Hand said...

I second the pp - she has to be, by far, the cutest sad baby I've ever seen. =)

Christy said...

So cute - I love that rug. And your subject is adorable, as usual. Even in those last shots! hehe!

Christina said...

That rug is fantastic!

I have so many pictures of my girls crying during photo shoots. Why WON'T they cooperate?!

Asha de L'arbres said...

I love the b&w one when she looks up to the corner with a silly look on her face. She so precious! Does she usually keep her mouth open like that?

April Kennedy said...

They look great!

I want to know how you load them in that picture format....three to a row, two small side by sides, etc. I can never make that work.....oh.....maybe you are using flickr then loading them?!

Happy Weekend.