The Gardens

This is Sarah, my partner over at Beautify My Blog, and her darling girls, Holland and Darcy. This week they all moved to Missouri, which has bummed me out because we had all become such good friends since I moved to California this summer. So as a final hurrah, we decided to visit the beautiful Descanso Gardens. I thought we had a grand time, even though the train was broken, and the kids threw various tantrums, and the trip ended with a Koi pond incident similar to this season's episode of The Office. But overall, it was a gorgeous day and the kids loved it. We'll miss you girls!
The lookout.

The hedge maze.

"Fishing" in a fountain.

Ivy, falls, Koi, bougainvillea.

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Christy said...

Gorgeous photos, but I don't watch the office so don't leave me hanging! What happened in the koi pond?!

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

Lyndsay, your photos of the day are awesome, and of course, don't capture the manic quality that grew after all the crazy incidents and crying.
I miss you so much and I miss Descanso and Finn and Maya so much! WhAAAAAAAA!!!! I'm so sad. It's a little bit lonely here, but I'm glad you discovered one of my fave places and I can go there vicariously through you.
Hope you had a lovely T-day. Ours was pretty good.
Talk to you soon friend!