Couldn't resist a few more...

Reachel just sent me some more cute photos from our time with Coco. So cute, I had to post!
The Girls

Maya's favorite place to hang out.

Finn loving Coco.
(Reachel's fab boots are peeking into the photo...)

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Christy said...

Such sweet photos! So happy for your friend. And so cute that Maya likes hanging under the coffee table. Hehe.

Lovely Lindsay said...

what sweet babies - but man, oh! man - those boots! what are they??
love, lindsay

Kim said...

Until I read further I thought that you and Reachel were sisters.

Sweet photos and isn't it wonderful for the Bagleys?

Jessica said...

Goodness, how do you two manage to look so stylish with all those babies?! And Reachel with a newborn?! I'm in awe of you two beauties!