Week in review, and a pumpkin patch

This is Finn on the one day he was feeling well this week. He had just gotten over his cold, and I thought the outdoor air would do him good. Looks like that idea was a bust, because he woke up this morning with Croup. And another runny nose. I am certain he got sick again from the 3 busloads of bigger kids who were ALSO at the pumpkin patch, crowding around, coughing on, yelling at, and otherwise infecting my kids.

Upon closer examination of the Frain Fracks photo of Finn, I decided a haircut was in order!

Silly pony!

(Look closely and you can see Finn at the end of the corn stalks...)

So here we are again, sick. Well, I'm fine. But Maya is still teething. Her little toofy finally broke through, but it's a sharp little bugger! And she is growl-screaming at me all day long, while blowing snot bubbles out of her nose, eating her fist, soaking her onesies in drool, and running a low-grade fever while fighting a diaper rash. So it will be difficult to tell if she is getting a new cold (she just got over the other one, as well). And I am learning the hard way that when you tell a toddler NOT to touch his sister while he is sick, that results promptly in him licking her, or sneezing on her toys, or trying to pick her up out of the exersaucer. (Or currently trying to wind a ribbon around her neck...which I quickly put a stop to.) I have a very hard time with illness in our home. It's getting close to the time of year when Finn got so sick last year that he had to be hospitalized for three weeks. So I have entered the Parental Paranoia Season, when I fear every cough and sniffle will become pneumonia, or H1N1. And there we have it.

In other news, I posted some tasty new treats just in time for Halloween over at Lickable Spoon:

Sunday faces to follow! I have great ones of Maya...

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