Tea Time

When we aren't working, Sarah (my friend and partner over at Beautify My Blog) and I like to have a little tea at Sarah's house. Isn't it lovely? I thought I would try whipping up one of these cakes from a Trader Joe's spice cake mix with a little added apple sauce, to cheer up a sick Finn. Very easy. Definitely delicious. Quite English. Cherrio!

Post edit: I added about 4 heaping spoon fulls (large spoon) of apple sauce. I winged it. It looked like a little less than a cup. I think I got lucky. Haha!

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Christy said...

Hope Finn is better soon. How much apple sauce?

Gretchen said...

how sweet!! I want a tea party too :)

April Kennedy said...

quite lovely!

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

The cake goes so fast, how can we make it last...?

When I made it I put in one of those individual serving size cups from Trader Joe's. It's probably about 1/2 a cup?
You can also add canned pumpkin or squash to make it really healthy when those naughty kids won't eat their veggies! That's what I do.

I am looking forward to another tea time next week. Ta-rah!

Tiffany M. said...

Hey. You can't have tea without me.